Sunday, November 16, 2008

What is "Congress Watch" ?

Congress Watch is a non-partisan citizen led organization with one goal:

* Provide education and opportunity for fellow citizens to flex their political muscles by keeping a watchful eye on our elected officials in Washington DC, and creating opportunities for holding them accountable.


Our Ten Organizing Principals are as follows:

1) Government accountability and transparancy

2) Return to a non-interventionist foreign policy

3) Exit the WTO and NAFTA, return to bilateral trade agreements based on human rights, labor rights, and environmental protection principals

4) Universal Single Payer Health Care

5) Cut Pentagon Budget by 15% by eliminating obsolete pork from the budget

6) Universal College Education

7) Adherance to the Constitution in both voting and legislating

8) Instant Runoff Voting

9) Run clean, or if you don't , work to beef up the FEC's clean elections code. There should be no option of "not running clean."

10) A Living Wage

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